Junior Preschool Program (older two year olds)

students West Carleton Kids Korner offers a Junior Preschool Program. Our classroom supports the “I can do” that comes with this age. We focus on emerging language skills in this classroom. Children are taught not only words to communicate effectively, but also how to problem solve. Potty training is a main focal point of this classroom. We patiently aid two year olds in learning the steps needed to become independent and graduate out of diapers and onto the next level.

Play and Exploration is focused on social and emotional development, which encourages your child to be independent and social by learning through play in our learning environment. The student’s will become familiar with the routines and procedures of the classroom and will work to develop early preschool skills such as fine motor skills and visual perception.

Art provides children with the opportunity to continue to improve their fine motor skills while working with many creative mediums to learn colours, shapes, cutting skills, counting, number recognition, and texture just to name a few! Your child will learn letter recognition and begin to learn letter sounds through various activities that build confidence and prepare students for our preschool classroom.

During the course of the day, we involve the children in many opportunities to play and learn indoors and outdoors.