Toddler Program (18 months – 2 1/2 years)

kids and teacher reading a bookThe Toddler Team are excited for your child to come and join the group, play, experience and learn with them in the Toddler Room!

The first two years in a child’s life is filled with phenomenal growth and development. All of their senses are brought into full play. Children are continuously testing and constantly questioning. Each new day marks the beginning of a new adventure. Activities, which foster positive growth and development in a nurturing and safe environment, are paramount in these formative years. There are several other elements in the development process that include:

  • Tender loving care (nurturing)
  • Allowing children the time to be ‘observers’ before ‘participants’
  • Offering encouragement when performing positively
  • Freedom to repeat activities
  • Successful independence – toilet training and dressing

During the course of our day, we involve children in many opportunities to play and learn, indoors and outdoors. We ask that you ensure your child has:

  • A complete change of clothes (or two)
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes
  • Diapers, wipes and cream (if needed)
  • Blanket and soft sleep toy for nap time
  • Outdoor clothing conducive to weather conditions
  • Tylenol/Tempra/Advil (we always call you before we administer)

PLEASE ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’s NAME. Toys/Sippy cups/bottles from home should be left at home. Except on Show & Tell days, personal items can be brought in. We have established “Communication Books”, which detail your child’s day in the Toddler Program. Please read it over, add any comments, sign it, and then return it into the Communication Book Bin available in the cubby room. Any art work, receipts, Scholastic Book orders, etc. in the book or on your child’s clip on their cubby is to be brought home each day. We are always willing to discuss any concerns you may have at any time regarding your child. Please feel free to just ask or email the Program Supervisor who will pass the message on to us.